STOP – Stop the Trafficking of Persons

Prevention, Protection and Prosecution are integral in ultimately combating human trafficking. The STOP programme (Stop the trafficking of persons) endeavours to counteract trafficking through preventative strategies which form the basis of the programme activities.

These involve the following:

The national  toll free human trafficking helpline:

0800- 555-999

The helpline is currently the only existing direct victim assistance tool for victims of human trafficking. The helpline operates on a referral basis and its services further extend to disseminating information and raising awareness about trafficking and migration related matters, this is achieved through tracking trends in trafficking and conveying both qualitative and quantitative data related to human trafficking in data collected from the helpline can gauge the impact of awareness raising campaigns, serves as a vital research tool where victim assistance and prevention is concerned.

Training and capacity building

A main feature of prevention where human trafficking is concerned involves building the capacity of both civil society and key service providers such as the police, educators, health care workers and those involved in the transportation industry through victim assistance training. The IOM training manuals are used as a guide for building the capacity of various communities and service providers where victim assistance is concerned.

Information awareness raising

Ongoing marketing and awareness raising of both human trafficking and the helpline service ensure that society is aware of human trafficking and that

Lobbying and Advocacy

This aspect of the programme involves aligning with provincial, national and regional networks in advocacy and lobbying for legislation to be passed and effective protocols to be developed for assisting victims of human trafficking.