Holiday Programmes: A Request for Donations!

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Date(s) - 13/06/2013
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Beaufort West and Murraysburg Youth Centers’

Holiday Programmes, June 2013

A Request for Donation

13 June, 2013


About Anex

Who We Are: Anex is a children’s rights organisation advocating for the end of all forms of exploitation and abuse of children. The scope of Anex’s work involves counter-trafficking, anti-child labour and youth development. Although all three programmes are diverse in nature they are all linked in that they actively attempt to extricate all forms or situations which result in the enslavement of children.

Vision: Anex envisages a society that protects the rights of children and combats exploitation.

Mission: Anex strives to become and remain THE expert children’s rights non-profit organization in South Africa by using three inter-related programs to combat and prevent the exploitation of children


1. Anti-child Labour

2. Counter-human Trafficking

3. Youth Development in the Central Karoo (Beaufort West and Murraysburg)

History and Current Services

Anex (Activists Networking Against the Exploitation of Children) is a children’s rights non-profit organization with its head office in Cape Town.

Anex was started in 2003 to combat child domestic work. The scope of the organization expanded to incorporate a counter trafficking program due to the overlap between child labour and trafficking.

In 2009, the first outreach center for vulnerable children and youth was launched in Beaufort West in the Central Karoo, as research has shown that large numbers of children were trafficked from this region to Cape Town. The second outreach center was launched in Murraysburg in 2010, 150km north from Beaufort West.

These areas are highly under-resourced and communities are characterized by poverty and high unemployment. Child labour and trafficking are often used by outside forces to engage young people in these areas as they are aware of the desperate financial needs. However, no good intentions exist in these practices and young people are severely exploited.

The activities and programs at the outreach centers in Beaufort West and Murraysburg are aimed at educating the young people on their rights and providing them with knowledge and skills to take up their agency in their societies, and greater South Africa, as well as rise above the social ills, and not become and/or stay victims!


Every year at the end of June, our Murraysburg and Beaufort West youth centers hold holiday programmes for local children who are off from school. We focus on empowering the children through various activities, promoting a healthy lifestyle and teaching them to be responsible citizens.

This year, our Beaufort West youth center is planning various activities for local youth, including soccer and netball, a trip to Murraysburg for joint-center interaction, an Outreach Day, arts and crafts, and social dialogues. By encouraging children to participate in fun, educational exercises, we hope to give them information that will transcend to life lessons on child trafficking and labour, children’s rights, and culture. Additionally, meals will be provided. The estimated cost for this programme is R22,500.00 –about R150.00 per child attending the 3 week program; the daily cost per child is R10.00. Currently, 150 children are expected to attend.

Similarly, our Murraysburg youth center is also preparing for its holiday programme. Our coordinators here have lined up various activities, too. They will also be providing meals consisting of coffee, soup, bread, fruit, and chips. The estimated cost for this center’s programme is R10,500.00, with an estimated cost of R7 per child, per day, or R105 for the entire time. One hundred children are expected to attend the 3 week programme.

We ask our supporters and friends to get involved by helping with donations. You can either choose to sponsor a child for the estimated cost-per-child, or you can donate food, toys, or arts and crafts materials to be used by the children. We understand that hectic work and life schedules make it difficult for our public to participate daily, therefore this is a wonderful way to get involved and make a difference in a child’s life! Getting on board is simple: you can just write a check to Anex for the desired programme, or you can commit to contribute items and we will pick them up from your desired location. Also, stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for picture updates of the programmes

We sincerely appreciate any support you can give us as we work to create a brighter future for South Africa’s children!


Director and the Anex Team


Anex Details

Absa: Vangate Mall, Athlone

Branch Code: 632005

Account Number: 4061725865

Type of Account: Current

VAT Number: 4710246390

NPO Number: 025-946NPO

PBO Number: 930018395

Section 18A Number: 9260152161

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Murraysburg Youth Center:

Thanduxolo Williams

Work: +27 (049) 844 0103

Cell: 074 5169 305



Beaufort West Youth Center:

Christine Schoeman

Work: 023 414 3488

Cell: 074 282 1627



Anex Main Office:

Claudia Smit


Tel +27(0)21 638 5521

Fax +27(0)21 638 5520

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