Youth Exposed to Alcohol Abuse – Murraysburger Aug 2011

Wednesday, 31 August 2011 16:22

Alcohol misuses the youth (teenage mothers).

As we head to the weekends most of the youth look forward to a time of real fun and party. Through spending some time at the local clubs, taverns and home shebeens the past few weeks it’s saddening to see how vulnerable our youth turns out to be. But we know that we are living in a town stricken with unemployment and poverty.

Now that raises the question as to where these youth get the money that they spend so recklessly on alcohol during weekends.

They are not concerned about any safety or health issues as there is always a fight amongst them. Through the survey that I conducted, the teenage mothers are the most on these kinds of premises. At times you meet pregnant young girls or those who carry their babies to these places with them. Yes I know that the question arises as to when are these infants (babies) eating, washed or bathed and how often are their diapers being changed? Seeing how these girls waste and get misused by the alcohol or vice versa “how they misuse the alcohol” and forgetting their responsibilities towards their babies is depressing. No wonder most of the kids born in the past 3yrs are affected by malnutrition and other health issues due to neglect.

During this festiveness they get exposed to various dangers such as accidents, fights, HIV/AIDS and Std’s due to having sex with multiple partners and TB coz of the different odours inhaled at these places. It is really touching to hear when parents, grandparents talk so sadly and heartbroken about the negligence of their children. Coz at the end these parents and grandparents are left with the responsibility of these babies. The teenage pregnancy rate is increasing enormously in town and makes one wonders if our youth and young mothers are being reprimanded by their parents, or do they get teachings from schools on these kinds of issues? Or are they simply ignorant to these principals they grew up with?

It’s time that we, as the youth, teenage mothers and fathers take responsibility and be accountable for our actions. As change starts with oneself so we must be the change that we want to see for our children, brothers and sisters. Let’s make the right choices in life as our children and youngsters will need someone to look up to and have a bright future, let’s carve the way for them, starting today.


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