Vandalisim of Sporting Facilities – Murraysburger Sep 2011

Wednesday, 31 August 2011 16:28
To see the state in which our sporting facilities are in town can say a lot about the inhabitants of Murraysburg, its community and the Municipality.

These facilities were built for us and it’s up to us to take care of them. Many of us know the people who vandalise these places, many of us see it happening, and some of us even take part in these destructive activities.

We as the community and members of the sports clubsshould start to take ownership of our town’s investments.

These are places that could produce great icons in the sporting arena, as we are aware of the raw sport talent we have here. Look at the Rugby Club, which was where we were crowned the champions this season; they had to train on a field that is in a very poor condition. During the past soccer season our teams played in the LFA League, and the teams that finished on top are still waiting for the money which they won! This may lead to the downfall of soccer here in town as the team who won the league are feeling demotivated as this is money which could have been spent on more equipment for the team. The soccer field has been totally vandalised and it is not suitable to be played on at the moment. The pitch now serves as a path to walk through the field, some people even jump over the wall.

We need these facilities to keep the youth busy and out of trouble, so as a community this should be given the highest priority. The municipality should be taking an active interest in helping to uplift the community by supplying quality materials and workmanship so that these facilities will last longer. We urge the municipality to make sure in the coming year that there is sufficient money in the budget for the repair and upkeep of the facilities so that we as the sportsmen/women and the youth will be able to enjoy them and uplift ourselves and remain proud of what we have. Obviously the securing of these facilities will be the biggest challenge which should be taken up by every member of the community as well as our Municipality and our Police force, if you see anyone abusing these facilities let the police know. The sports teams should also play an active part in trying to maintain these facilities. Let’s give the youth and the kids a chance to reach their dreams in sports and enjoy clean and safe parks, because


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